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We do this with the help of Artificial Intelligence and a bit of Santa's elf magic.

And don't worry – we only look for the best bang for your buck. The deals we find won't cost you more than a two-person dinner at a mid-priced restaurant.

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We are analyzing your answers and comparing them to historical data of other holiday gift shoppers.

After you finish the quiz, we will select 3 out of holiday gift ideas that match with your wife the most.

Last year a whopping 91% of people who were invited to try out our finder and bought recommended presents, said the gifts made the recipients visibly happy. This year we have made our holiday gift finder even better!

How long have you known this person?

How often do see each other?

What type of gift did you get this person last year?

What exactly did you get this person?

How did he like your gift?

What kind of gift would you like to get him this time?

Which word best describes this person?

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We've analyzed your answers and prepared a couple more specific questions. Your answers to these questions will help us select only those gifts that are the perfect match for your lucky person for whom you would like to find the perfect present.

Could he pass for an army sniper?

Is he a dog person or a cat person?

Does he enjoy experiencing different cultures and new places?

Can he pass through beautiful scenery or a funny dog without taking a picture?

Is he a memory-hoarder?

Is he forgetful?

How would you describe him as a driver?

How would you describe her as a mother?

How would you describe her daily style?

What kind of music does he like?

Is he always glued to a phone or computer?

How active is he?

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Limited-time offers available among the selected gifts!

The final list of gifts our system prepared includes several items with limited-time offer status. That means you can get up to a 50% discount on some of the gifts while their promos last.

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