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Action Hero 4K is a powerful action camera with Wi-Fi control, remote control operation and waterproof design.

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Meet Action Hero 4K.

Astonishing 4K Footage

Equipped with a Ultra HD action camera, you will get to capture stunning photos and video footage in 4K resolution.

Tons of Accessories

Action Hero HD is equipped with wireless wrist remote control, waterproof housing, mount kit, and many more accessories. It is also fully compatible with all GoPro accessories.

Unbeatable Value-Added Combo

Besides the great price you also get 1 year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, and free US shipping.


Action Hero HD supports time-lapse, looping video, burst photos and continuous lapse.

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A powerful setup for all your adventures.

4K Ultra HD

Action Hero HD has professional 4K/30fps video and 20MP image, built-in Anti-shake feature, with 2-inch screen and 170°wide angle lens. It keeps the footage stable and smooth while enjoying sports.

100 feet waterproof

With the waterproof housing, you can dive up to 100 feet deep! Action Hero HD is ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, water skiing, surfing and cycling.

Amazing accessories

Action Hero 4K includes a 2.4G WiFi remote control, 2*1050 rechargerable batteries, and multifunctional mounting kits, which enable you to mount your camera to helmet, bicycles, wrist, etc.

Action Hero 4K works with all your mobile devices.

See why they love Action Hero 4K.

I m happy with the product

Nov 15, 2019

Action Hero 4K | Verified Purchase

This is a lovely little item. Firstly it is well made, the quality is certainly higher than its price point. This action camera comes with a multitude of different accessories, including a very nifty water-proof case. Amazingly it also comes with an extra battery which I was rather supprised about but very pleased.

You can use it in a couple resolutions, started from 720p, all the way up to 4k with 1080 and 2k in-between. Obviously the lower you use the more frames per second you get so depending on your activities either or the four should be fine.

You get an easy to use app, where you can take photos with the camera via your phone or share the videos/pictures with friends which is neat.

The best thing for me was that this is super easy to charge as I've had issues with other action cameras and it's also easy to connect to your laptop to upload pictures.

Great Action Cam

Nov 30, 2019

Action Hero 4K | Verified Purchase

This is my second action cam which I got mainly for cycling (since there are a lot of impatient drivers and bike-car accidents recently. I didn't want to pay crazy amount of money on a GoPro and didn't want something "cheap" as well. This camera is halfway through, and closer probably to the GoPro from the reviews that I read and watched.

It is a brilliant item and I had my eyes on it for quite a while and grabbed it recently through the Holiday sale! So glad that I did. It comes with alot of accessories.

It has standard action cam fixtures and can be used even with GoPro accessories. The picture quality is superb even at 720p (I don't quite 4k huge files for day-to-day commuting), still can see the cars plate/numbers clearly even with 720p. I would definitely recommend it.

P.S. just downloaded the Wifi App and would probably try to hook it to my drone and give it a shot :)

Good budget action camera

Aug 11, 2019

Action Hero 4K | Verified Purchase

I decided to go for a budget action camera instead of the more expensive counter parts on the market, purely because I intend to use it for holiday domestic use rather than marketing purposes or professional videos. For domestic use, I would say this is a good alternative.

The battery lasts a while and you get 2 batteries in the box, which is great. You would need a twin battery charger if you want to charge them simultaniously, but it's not a must.

Picture quality is fantastic for the price and it gets the job done. Everything is displayed nicely. It's a wide view angle camera too.

You get a nice little remote control amongst the other bunch of accessories in the box, which works out of the box without fiddling to set it up or anything.

Overall I would recommend this camera to people looking for a cheap alternative to the big names, costing ten times this one.

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