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5 Tips for Avoiding Gift Shopping Madness in 2019

How to save your sanity, time and money, and still get the best gifts your loved ones will like and appreciate

5 Tips for Avoiding Gift Shopping Madness in 2019

How to save your sanity, time and money, and still get the best gifts your loved ones will like and appreciate

Victoria Burr on November 9, 2019
Victoria Burr on November 9, 2019

Holiday shopping at stores has become a fast-paced frenzy, with everyone rushing to find the best deals quickly. At this time of year, the malls look like madhouses, and shopping is close to a contact sport.

Follow these 5 smart tips to save your sanity, time and money, and still, get the best gifts your family and friends will love and appreciate.

1) Shop Online While Staying Aware of the Shipping Deadlines

Using online stores is your best bet to avoid the craziness of mall shopping. However, don't procrastinate. Start shopping online for gifts now to get them in time. Your deadline for buying presents should be December 16th. After that date, it costs retailers more to deliver the packages on time and you're less likely to get free shipping offers.

Retailers usually use all the different shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, USPS) depending on how quickly you need your package. The tricky thing is they usually don't have a primary shipping company because they have to be agile in case one company encounters a problem. If you have a preference, make sure you select it at check out.

2) Let AI Find Gifts and Save Money for You by Using the Intelligent Holiday Gift Finder

One of the most stressful parts of holiday shopping is having no clue what to get for each person on your list. A recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Co. found that not knowing what to buy was the #1 worry for shoppers entering the holiday season.

Luckily, we live in 2019, and Artificial Intelligence is here to help you quickly find the gifts your loved ones truly want.

Use the Intelligent Holiday Gift Finder to find a perfect gift for virtually anyone on your list. All you have to do is to answer a few questions about the person for whom you wish to find a gift, and the smart finder will instantly list the best matching discounted deals on the market. The finder is free of charge, and this season it has already become one of the more popular ways to hunt for gift bargains.

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3) Use Paypal for Online Purchases

While major retailers and online merchants offer secure connections, there is always the possibility that an online store can be hacked. The more transactions, the more attractive target for an enterprising computer criminal.

If you haven't done this already, open a Paypal account and tie it to a credit card with a maximum daily spending limit (not your checking account) for online purchases. There is no cost to you as a buyer for this extra level of security, and Paypal will reimburse you for the full cost of any item purchased online that doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description.

4) Keep Your Receipts

While some retailers accept return items without a proof of purchase, they are generally not legally obligated to do so. Some sale items are clearly labelled to be sold “as is” without identifying the reason for the restriction. Furthermore, many retailers simply repackage a returned product and resell it as new. This practice increases the possibility that your gift will be opened, plugged in, and fail to work.

Buying the wrong size of shirt or sweater is common, and sometimes your gift duplicates a product already owned by the recipient. It is always wise to keep receipts as proof of purchase in the event a return or replacement is necessary.

5) When Shopping at Malls, Map It Out and Start in the Back of the Store

Online shopping is great, but you might need to go buy gifts in person at some point. When this happens, it's best to have a plan of attack. Map the stores you plan to visit, make a list of what you intend to purchase, and in what order. This way you won't have to zigzag through a mall or drive in circles around your town just to buy those gifts.

When at a store, try making a beeline for the back instead — you might be able to snag more items. Most people will start their shopping with what immediately catches their eye at the storefront. When there's a storewide sale, what's by the doors has most likely already been picked over. You'll find more options in the back since shoppers tend to go there last or skip it altogether.