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4 Budget-Friendly Gift Alternatives For Ridiculously Overpriced Gadgets

Now is the perfect moment to snatch these limited-time deals before they're gone

4 Budget-Friendly Gift Alternatives For Ridiculously Overpriced Gadgets

Now is the perfect moment to snatch these limited-time deals before they're gone

Andrew Kaczynski on December 1, 2019
Andrew Kaczynski on December 1, 2019

Given the busyness of the season, you might have missed the hottest tech deals on the web. Don't worry, because we set out to do the research for you.

We rounded up 4 expensive gizmos that people tend to buy as gifts and then found better alternatives already available at major discounts this week.

The limited-time offers that we found will help you stay within your budget, and still get you the highest-quality tech gifts for anyone on your list. With impressive savings on the latest devices, you'll have to hurry and grab these deals before the stocks run out.

#1 Wireless Headphones

Popular expensive products: Apple AirPods, Sennheiser Momentum, Beats Powerbeats, Sony WF, Bose SoundSport, Samsung Galaxy Buds

While big brand headphones are advertised heavily on every corner, there are some bargain models with impressive user ratings. We took the challenge to look for a better alternative for Apple AirPods 2 — the most popular wireless headphones out there — only to be pleasantly surprised by our findings.

Why you should get Playbeatz Earbuds:

We found PlayBeatz Earbuds to deliver smooth, consistent audio that can greatly improve a morning jog, work commute, or screen time with a solid wireless audio connection. Just like the pricier alternative they pair easily with your favorite mobile device, and can be used individually or as a pair.

PlayBeatz Earbuds is a great gift for:

Music lovers

Joggers and yoga practitioners

Basically all mobile users

Get 50% Off PlayBeatz Earbuds Now

#2 Translator Devices

Popular expensive products: POCKETALK, Vasco Mini 2, Langogo

In Asia, Europe and Latin America, there are places where people don't speak a word of English. That’s when a portable real-time language translation device might save a trip. And in 2019 you don’t need to spend a fortune on something like the Vasco Mini 2 since the Muama Enence does the same job… Just better and way cheaper!

Why you should get the Muama Enence:

  • The discount. Japan-based makers of the translator are now selling their remaining stock of the current model at a jaw-dropping 50% discount!
  • While the Vasco Mini 2 sports a mini-LCD, the screen drains battery power quickly, making the translator yet another device that must be plugged into a power source at the end of the day. The Muama Enence, on the other hand, has the best battery life on the market – the device can last for four full days until it needs to be recharged.
  • When it comes to the harsh conditions of traveling, there’s only one winner here – the Muama was field-tested by dropping it onto the sidewalk. Despite the rough treatment, the translator worked like a charm. Don’t try this at home with fragile gadgets that have screens!

The Muama Enence supports over 40 languages and understands full sentences and idioms to provide perfectly pronounced responses in a two-way conversation. It can also take a photo of some text in a foreign language and translate it with ease. For all its bells and whistles, the device is very simple to use and can be operated even by those who are not comfortable with technology.

The bottom line? You can’t really beat (literally or not) a small, durable, and convenient option when it comes to the translator devices. At the current limited-time 50% discount, it’s no wonder the Muama Enence stands out head and shoulders above its main competitors.

The Muama Enence is a great gift for:


Anyone lacking foreign language skills

Language learners

Get 50% Off the Muama Enence Now

#3 Wireless Speakers

Popular expensive products: Sonos Move, Bose SoundLink, UE Boom

A portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift for anyone who likes to carry their music with them. In terms of price, these speakers are slightly more expensive than standard ones. The major brands like JBL, Sonos, and Bose will charge you anything between $149 and $249 for their upscale portable versions. But did you know that you can get the same or even higher quality speakers for a lot less?

Why you should get TikiTunes:

TikiTunes is made from the highest quality materials and works smoothly with all Android or Apple devices. It’s not only dust and mud proof to withstand tough outdoor conditions but also has a solid 2000 mAh rechargeable battery that allows for up to 10 hours of playtime. And most importantly–it looks so darn cool!

Its warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light creating the perfect mood for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in. Take it from us because we’ve tried hard – you won’t find greater value for money on a portable speaker anywhere else!

TikiTunes is a great gift for:

Music lovers

Those who love outdoor activities

Fashionable young people

Get 50% Off TikiTunes Now

#4 Action Cameras

Popular expensive products: GoPro Hero 7, DJI Osmo Action, Sony RX0, YI 4 K Plus

Action cameras make an ideal gift for your outdoor or travel-loving friends and family members. Almost everyone has heard about GoPro which has set the standard for these rugged handheld devices. However, buying a GoPro camera will set you back quite a bit, so it’s a good thing they’re not the only name in town anymore.

Why you should get the Action Hero 4K:

  • For two cameras with similar capabilities the price difference is staggering. You can get 50% OFF the Action Hero 4K if you hurry and get one before the special offer ends.
  • The GoPro HERO 7 Silver has gained some public notoriety over its overheating issue. We have experienced nothing of the sort with the Action Hero 4K.
  • The overall build quality looks very decent for both competitors, and we suspect they might be manufactured in a similar way, or even by different branches of the same Asian manufacturer. Who knows? Let's call it a draw.

The Action Hero 4K Camera packs quite a punch and serves as a fantastic action camera. The camera itself is built very sturdily. The quality of the 4K Ultra HD video and audio is fantastic and you can't help but be impressed by this inexpensive gadget. Oh, and this thing boots FAST! It turned on and started recording in a split second.

The Action Hero 4K is a great gift for:


Those who love outdoor activities


Get 50% Off the Action Hero 4K Now