About pick.gifts

We all enjoy a laugh as much as the next guy but here at pick.gifts, we believe that gift-giving is 100% serious business. We are here to ensure that you will always get the best present ideas for everyone on your list.

Our mission at pick.gifts is to suggest personalized and thoughtful gift ideas in a fun way that saves time and money. We intend to change the experience of product discovery and shopping by turning it upside down. Instead of shoppers spending hours and hours browsing through thousands of products and being overwhelmed by the variety of options at the end of the day, we let products discover shoppers in just a few minutes.

Even though we are often named as such, we don't consider ourselves a "big data" or even "AI company". While the current advancements in Machine Learning constitute the tech backbone of our platform, we remain convicted that the true strength of our service comes from the customer-first approach. Our difference from the rest stems from our first founding principle – to offer the world's only fully personalized gift shopping experience that does away with the pains traditionally associated with legacy online shopping.